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  1. Blue Monday - Blue Bottom
  2. Master X & Sub Samantha
  3. The New Disciplinarian
  4. Broken Glasses
  5. Plump And Spanked
  6. Bridget's Addiction
  7. New Resident Emily - No Discussion Required
  8. Caught In The Act
  9. Punishment Memories
  10. Monthly Punishment Day

For ONLY .05 a minute, watch these sizzling Videos that you might have missed!

  1. Zipper 1
  2. Zipper Tits vol. 3
  3. Severe Asian Restraints #35

Hidden Camera


Video: Hidden Camera
Premium Title

You can be always sure to find something new and original among the films made by . . .

48 Ratings

Caned and Shamed


Video: Caned and Shamed

There is no shame in enjoying the pleasures of life... unless of course this is your . . .

45 Ratings

Spanked From Dawn To Dusk


Video: Spanked From Dawn To Dusk

Paul is late for an important interview and can't find his one clean shirt he laid . . .

37 Ratings

Dr. Lomp Part 1


Video: Dr. Lomp Part 1
Premium Title

Dr. Lomp, the leader of the EliteClub, practices as psychiatrist too. His methods . . .

22 Ratings

Real Discipline Spanking


Video: Real Discipline Spanking

Another spanking masterpiece!!

Once again, we have a naughty young lady . . .


40 Ratings

Leah's Real Punishment Spanking


Video: Leah's Real Punishment Spanking

Leah wanted to fulfill another fantasy. She wanted to be really punished with a . . .


80 Ratings

Resolved By Corporal Punishment 14 - Authentic Spankings


Video: Resolved By Corporal Punishment 14 - Authentic Spankings
Premium Title

Though she had just turned 18 years old, Jane had already accumulated quite a driving . . .

26 Ratings

Enema Spank


Video: Enema Spank
Premium Title

First up in this compilation of kinky European pleasures, a chunky blond gets thrown . . .

21 Ratings

Are You A Student or a Bitch?


Video: Are You A Student or a Bitch?
Premium Title

"Are you a student or a bitch?" These are the words that Professor Maxwell utters . . .

16 Ratings

Paperback Writer


Video: Paperback Writer

Tiffany Jones gets a job as a temp studio typist for a writer of erotic spanking . . .

33 Ratings
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