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Kelly Payne Collection

Hi my name is Kelly Payne. For all of you who don't know me, this is my real name so I guess you could say I was born for this. I also have a medical and anal fetish. Mainly things that have to do with the ass.

I decided 8 years ago to design a website & to produce a line of videos for real fetishist. You might ask me why? First mainly frustration, but mostly because I've been into spanking most my life and I ...

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The Naughty ASSistant


Video: The Naughty ASSistant
Premium Title

As assistants of the twenty-first century are distracted by the latest tech gadgets, . . .

14 Ratings

Spoiled Rich Girls


Video: Spoiled Rich Girls
Premium Title

Three bootilicious ladies in their early twenties are kept very happy and spoiled . . .

24 Ratings

The Interview


Video: The Interview
Premium Title

A self-styled, self-titled dominant male video producer is in for a shocker when . . .

10 Ratings

Julie's Houseboy


Video: Julie's Houseboy
Premium Title

Don't think about misbehaving around my friend Miss Julie. But this houseboy's been . . .

17 Ratings

The House Call


Video: The House Call
Premium Title

As one of the leading amateur-pro adult movie companies in the industry, these titles . . .

17 Ratings

Danny's First Enema


Video: Danny's First Enema
Premium Title

It's a wonderful occasion. Danny's going to college, but before he can do so, Danny . . .

7 Ratings

The Campus Cooze


Video: The Campus Cooze
Premium Title

At least 1 in 6 college students experience the roommate that just doesn't know how . . .

18 Ratings

Spanked By My Wife & Mother-In-Law


Video: Spanked By My Wife & Mother-In-Law
Premium Title

It's simple, don't piss Miss Daisa off. Well, unfortunately, she is fed up with . . .

10 Ratings

Cell Block Z


Video: Cell Block Z
Premium Title

This young lady was brought in on possession and disrupting the peace. She has no . . .

17 Ratings

The In Person Session


Video: The In Person Session
Premium Title

Mistress Kelly Payne is a firm believer in tough love! When your boyfriend, lover . . .

11 Ratings
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