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BDSM Movies

FetishMovies.com has a huge selection of BDSM movies that highlight mutually arousing strain and pleasure. Sexual energy overflows as you take the lash across your back, your ass, the tender abdomen. Deep and penetrating burn of the whip as it writhes into your skin while you struggle. It's all here in The Fetish Movies BDSM movie library.


Bondage Movies

Bondage sex movies on demand at FetishMovies.com! We know you love the knots, the way the rope is made to snake around the body in beautiful and ingenuous ways. Enjoy thousands of smoking hot Bondage movies for men and woman!


Domination Movies

Your resolve is weak and you need to be lorded over by a powerful master at FetishMovies.com! Our masters firmly believe in never sparing the rod, the whip or the handcuffs. Prepare to be dominated by a firm master who eats submissives for breakfast. Don't be afraid. Come inside.

Feet Shoes

Foot Fetish Movies

Have a Fetish for Foot Movies? You've come to the right place. Sweeping sexy curves, the feel of having your cock held, your shaft stroked by a pair of oiled peds. We love to be teased as the shoe dangles on the tip of her toe. Her high-heels lift her, extending the length of her leg, making her calf look so juicy, how it adorns her foot.


Female Domination - FemDom

No one has a selection of Female Domination Movies like that of FetishMovies.com! She might be a cut-throat lawyer, a stern police officer or a no-nonsense teacher, but today our mistress prefers to show her female domination skills to us. Do you like a Fem Dom who wears tight leather and brandishes a whip as she dominates and controls you? You will. These movies are all about female superiority

Smoking Fetish Movies

Smoking Fetish Movies

Beautiful women smoking is fetish shared by thousands. Love to watch ribbons of blue smoke slip past her sensuous lips? Her features so mysterious behind her translucent veil, exhaling as she slowly fucks you with her eyes. FetishMovies.com has amassed scores of fetish smoking movies for your viewing pleasure.

Face Sitting & Smothering

Face Sitting & Smothering

Face sitting fetish movies. Your cock starts to throb at the idea of your breath being soaked in the succulent flesh of a nice ass. Yearn for the tension of trying to struggle out from the secure hold. Heart pounding. Smothering bliss. You won't find a better selection of fetish smothering movies!

Latex & Rubber

Latex & Rubber Movies

Latex sex movies. See beautiful women climb into their second skin of latex and rubber. Touch her. Let the fetish take hold. Feel the taught rubber as it grips her body and accentuates her every curve, every dip, every long, sexy line. The latex fetish and rubber dolls are unbelievably sexy and erotic.

Legs & Pantyhose

Pantyhose & Leg Fetish Movies

Fetish pantyhose sex movies. Watch pantyhose stretch over the shapely curves of a woman's leg, becoming almost transparent, making the thigh, the calve look succulent, but becoming looser, darker around the ankle. These pantyhose movies focus in on the little details to fulfill all of your pantyhose fetishes.


Shemale Movies

She's pretty - very pretty. She's also got a cock twice the size of yours and she's ready to put it to use. These shemale beauties pound away at hungry mouths and tight buttholes - screwing like there's no tomorrow. FetishMovies.com has an unrivaled selection of transsexual fetish movies waiting for you.


Spanking Movies

The sternest disciplinarians with the stiffest paddles practicing their trade on whiny submissives with beat-red asses. Watch these bad subs squirm and wriggle as the paddle cracks on their bare, sore asses. No one does spanking like Fetish Movies!


Medical Fetish

Medical instruments clean, and set in their proper place. The Dr's actions methodical, done with purpose. Each crevice, orifice, fold of the body is investigated, and stimulated with the utmost thoroughness. Watch these fetish movies of doctors and nurses now.


Fetish Tickling Movies

Nothing is worse than laughing so hard you could pee yourself. Fetish movies of gorgeous girls tied down and tickled all the way to the edge - and sometimes over it. This is the best tickling you will ever see and it's all in good fun.



Transsexual movies are one of our most popular fetishes! The joy of getting a present is that you don't know what's inside until you unwrap it. Do you think you know what you're getting? Slide down the zipper and find out.


Voyeurism Movies

Catch a glimpse of your neighbors in the throes of passion. Come home to familiar, yet out of place sounds. Peek through the crack of the door and see your wife riding another man. Voyeurism is one of our deepest sexual drives and favorite fetishes.