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  1. Bondage Rack
  2. All Tied Up And Ravaged
YummyGirl Studios is the creation of bikini model turned adult actress Sofie Marie. YummyGirl is passionate about the creation and production of erotic adult themed full-length videos, clips and photography. We capture the raw sexual experience of the actors and models in sexual yet not exploitive manner. All models and crew are dedicated to graphic and sexy depictions of human sexuality with the actors and actresses expressing their true passions with supportive direction. Our content explores boundaries, taboos, societal rules, and is beautifully shot and presented for the viewer.
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Bondage Rack

Video: Bondage Rack

5 Ratings
Release Year: 2017
Date Added: 2018-04-23

Yummygirl is back, and Sofie is offering something new you have not yet seen performed . . .


All Tied Up And Ravaged

Video: All Tied Up And Ravaged

16 Ratings

Sofie Marie is a gorgeous European amateur with a dark hair, who wanted nothing more . . .