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Ninn Worx

Enigmatic director Michael Ninn has shunned the public eye since the dawn of his career. He remains one of the most fascinating, original and unpredictable talents in contemporary adult entertainment. A dark and brooding character, he maintains an intriguing personal life.

Michael Ninn is a pioneer in modern pornography. His movies are classics and his contribution to adult filmmaking is unquestionable. For over a decade he has brought us some of the most memorable movies in porn. On the other hand, he has always been known for his technical skill and his use of computer graphics rather than for his sex scenes. With that history behind him, Ninn has apparently turned a corner and is ready to impress us in a new way. He is ready to push his sex scenes to a new level and has apparently lined up some seriously nasty girls for some extreme sex scenes. Some of you may wonder if a guy like Ninn can thrive on a purely sexual level. Many may even doubt him, but he's about to try prove everyone wrong.

Title Any

Fetish Circus

Video: Fetish Circus

37 Ratings
Release Year: 2004

The visions and sounds of the Fetish Circus. An ambient realm of industrial sexual . . .


Fetish : The Dream Scape

Video: Fetish : The Dream Scape

79 Ratings
Release Year: 2002

FETISH, THE DREAM SCAPE, from acclaimed photographer Laurent Sky, making his directorial . . .


Fetish - Are You Human?

Video: Fetish - Are You Human?

54 Ratings
Release Year: 2005

From the creative mind of Lauren Sky comes Fetish are you Human? This is a continuation . . .


Fetish - I Know Your Dreams

Video: Fetish - I Know Your Dreams

45 Ratings
Release Year: 2003

Get lost in a Technicolor landscape illuminating the carnal realms of Laurent Sky . . .


Pushed - Catfight Volume 1

Video: Pushed - Catfight Volume 1

51 Ratings

Ninn Worx presents the art of the catfight with seven women with a rage for aggressive . . .


Filth Factory - Volume One

Video: Filth Factory - Volume One

23 Ratings
Release Year: 2007

Cum check out the latest release from Otto Bauer in Filth Factory Volume 1, starring . . .


Nympho Volume 1

Video: Nympho Volume 1

21 Ratings

Spawning from the carnivorous success of the Neo_Pornographia line, Ninn Worx brings . . .