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Anton Productions
Anton Productions has been producing fetish videos (and now DVDs) in a wide variety of genres for more than 15 years. Among the fetishes we explore are bondage, knock outs, hypnosis and super heroines. Our bondage videos are usually storyline oriented and feature beautiful women being bound and gagged in a variety of "perilous" situations. Our knock out videos feature hot girls being knocked unconscious (everything is simulated, of course) with chloroform, drugged drinks and gas. Our hypnosis videos are very popular. They feature dramatic scenarios where women are placed in a trance and are then compelled to strip, model and do outrageous things. Fetishes are often combined in our super heroine videos. You can see costumed crime fighters being knocked out, tied up and hypnotized. Some of our videos include soft-core girl/girl scenes with lots of sensual fondling. We work with some of the most beautiful models anywhere.
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Pantyhose Bondage 4

Video: Pantyhose Bondage 4

42 Ratings

Three gorgeous women bound and gagged in pantyhose and - in some scenes - with pantyhose. . . .


Remote Controlled

Video: Remote Controlled

55 Ratings
Release Year: 2002

Beware of any interviews at the Burke Research Center! A young girl applies for . . .


Superheroines In Peril 2

Video: Superheroines In Peril 2

68 Ratings
Release Year: 2005

A thrilling bondage video starring 4 of the hottest models anywhere! The first story . . .


Stripnotized 12

Video: Stripnotized 12

87 Ratings

Three hot girls are made to strip and embarrass themselves in this extremely hot . . .