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Dick's Emasculation Box Cover
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Approximate Running Time: 00:28:28
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    The amateur bodybuilder Lee, 5'8" 135lbs., retruns to action in this video and fans of muscular, strong and super turn-on legs will thrill as she takes Dick apart. Using her dynamite legs right from the start, Lee employs a variety of punishing scissors on her victim. Reverse headscissors, standin headscissors, figure-4 headscissors, and even a very effective series of breast smothers all serve to wear Jim down. The sexy Lee's gorgeous legs and dynamite body look so fine in the sensational suit she wears in this encounter. It is apparant that Lee, too, is having fun as she proceeds to work the stuggling male over. His attempts to defend himself anger Lee, and she yanks his head into her crotch, puts her knee into his neck, applies a tight school-boy pin and even grabs him roughly several times and yanks at his vulnerable area. Weakened sufficiently, the beaten Dick can no longer defend himself and the turn-on loking lady now enjoys the fruits of her victory. Before completing her task, she rubs her foot on Dick's face, places her foot on his neck and teases him some more. The facesitting which comes next is great to see, as now Jim's face belongs to Lee's gorgeous backside. Lots of good sitting ensues as Lee really enjoys completing her task. Lee's fans will love this video!
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    Cast & Stars: Dick's Emasculation

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