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Crazed Gymboy Domination Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:18:08
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    Meet Anne Vanderbush, probably the strongest power lifter today. She shows you what she is all about in her gym starting with the log lifting over the head. She will amaze you with her unbelievable strength! She has an admirer in the gym, a weak little guy, who is gawking at her. She gets a little irritated with him and tells him to back off. Then, she proceeds to the stones, lifting them from the ground and putting them up on their step, over and over again. By this time, the small gymboy is sitting on the log mesmerized by her. It's then to the barrel carry which has the gymboy out of his skin. Anne cannot take it any longer. She proceeds to headlock him and throw him off the barrel he is sitting on to the ground where she proceeds to scold him and dominate him!
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    Cast & Stars: Crazed Gymboy Domination

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