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Sex Kitten Felicity Feline Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:21:35
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    Felicity Feline is in the park enjoying the sunshine & dancing to some of her own drum beats when Laz Fyre sees her & has to make his move. Felicity snootily rejects Laz & walks away, but he refuses to give up & offers her money to party with him. After some negotiation, she begrudgingly agrees to come home with him. When they get to Laz's place, he reveals to her that he has a thing for "pet play" and he wants her to be his kitty. This is all too weird for Felicity who decides to leave, but Laz wants her to stay & mesmerizes her to do his bidding. He points his crystal at her & her eyes cross as she stares. "From now on, you're going to be my kitty," he says, and she meows under his spell.

    Laz is going to take full advantage of Felicity Feline's transformed state; he wants to train her to be his kitty, so he first makes her lap milk from a bowl & suck the milk off his cock, then he has her play with cat toys. As expected, she's a feisty kitty but not in the snotty spoiled way she was before. Now she's in heat & ready to please, purring & meowing when he fucks her little feline body. She's so satisfied with herself that she licks her paws & cleans her ears while Laz pounds her from behind. This cool drummer chick never would have performed for an older man like Laz, but now that she's under his influence, she's just a cat who loves to fuck.
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    Cast & Stars: Sex Kitten Felicity Feline

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