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Wunder Woman Vs. The Pied Piper Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:10:57
Released: 2014
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    A villain known as the Pied Piper is believed to be behind the disappearance of several beautiful young women. The theory is that he gains-control of their minds and lures them into his clutches by playing entrancing music on a flute. Upon learning of this, the one and only Wunder Woman tracks him down to his lair and demands that he reveal the women's whereabouts. Instead of cooperating, the Pied Piper attacks her. Wunder Woman would rather the matter was settled peacefully, but she is more than ready to fight if need be. Having enjoyed early success by wrestling the Pied Piper to the floor, she briefly finds herself caught up in one of his bear-hugs - lifted clean off her feet in the process. Eventually, Wunder Woman breaks free from this and shoves the Pied Piper aside. She then makes the costly mistake of turning her back on him to grab his flute. The Pied Piper capitalizes on that moment to leap at Wunder Woman and smash his hand down hard on the back of her head. Despite her Amazonian toughness, Wunder Woman is rendered completely senseless. As she lies unmoving on the floor, the Pied Piper decides to have some fun with her.

    After confiscating her special belt and lasso, he yanks down the top of her corset to expose her big breasts for a spot of fondling. He then lifts up her limp body, slings it over his shoulders, and carries it over to a nearby table. There he lays Wunder Woman out, ties her in place by her wrists and ankles, and puts on a selection of his most entrancing compositions. While these are playing over some loudspeakers, he fetches a huge vibrator and starts rubbing it over Wunder Woman's bottoms-clad pussy. It is here that she slowly revives. At first groggy and confused, she instinctively moans and writhes at the pleasant feeling between her legs. Then her mind clears a little, and she asks the Pied Piper to let her go. It is a lame protest because the music is affecting her mental resistance. In any case, there is no stopping the Pied Piper now.

    Suddenly gripping Wunder Woman's head by the hair, he makes her open her mouth and she gives his cock a long, deep sucking. Later, he plays his flute, sending her into a deep sleep. When Wunder Woman awakes, she finds herself securely fastened in a sex-swing. There is nothing she can do to escape. Not that she's really trying anymore. The entrancing music has greatly tamed her and sapped her defiance. When the Pied Piper again makes her suck his cock, she does so with even more sensuality than before. During the swing-mounted missionary fuck that follows, Wunder Woman constantly moans and gasps in delight. She welcomes the Pied Piper driving his cock into her defenseless pussy, over and over, until he pulls out and covers it with a load hot, blasting cum. But, alas, Wunder Woman s post-fuck pleasure is short-lived. All of sudden, the strange back-ground music intensifies, causing her to clutch her aching head in desperation. In a few moments, her mind will be lost in darkness. Who knows whether she will ever come out of it?
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    Cast & Stars: Wunder Woman Vs. The Pied Piper

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