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Brigitta Total Military Domination Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:37:40
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    Brigitta is a military trainer who comes for Wedge. He pretends to be prepared, so she will test him. Poor Wedge (the real one) suffers hell. She does some kick boxing on him with him always falling to the floor. Her muscles popping, her strength is just too much for him. Poor Wedge, he really does not know what he has gotten himself into!!! How would you like a pack of solid rock hard muscles standing right on top of you! Better yet, if you complain she wil just stomp on you. Then she challenges you to another strength contest, which you know you will never win! Boss Brigitta is dangerous and loves every moment of misery that she bestows upon you!
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    Cast & Stars: Brigitta Total Military Domination

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