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Bitten Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:24:25
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    With a Professional score orchestrated to match the Perfection of the Vampire Goddess! Dark, moody, suspenseful and magnificent panning up and down, drawing you into her lair like never before. If you only ever buy 1 vampire clip, this is the one to have! The Vampire Goddess is at rest in Her coffin; you sneak in hoping to get a glimpse of the Forbidden Undead, and you get more than you bargain for when she suddenly awakens, biting you, tasting your blood, making you forever vulnerable to her seduction, forever enslaved to her! The sight of The Goddess alone is worth the price of admission. She is The Evil Queen of your childhood storybooks, the vampiric beauty of your fantasies born into reality!! The vision of her paralyzes your body. She really does exist! Long black hair, Widows Peak, and a body to die for; you are frozen to obey her commands! Her voice and demeanor is everything you ever wanted, fierce and dangerous yet exceptionally sophisticated as she makes your hand touch yourself, erotically humiliating you! This clip raises the bar for production, score, and talent! Cold as Ice and Hotter than Hell!
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    Cast & Stars: Bitten

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