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Correct Her If She's Wrong Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:33:57
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    A beautiful and strict disciplinarian severely spanks, paddles & canes the cute, but lazy, coed in her charge!

    Layla is used to being pampered by her godmother, but when Snow discovers that her charge has been cutting classes, dating slackers, partying hard and neglecting her duties, the statuesque brunette gives her slender houseguest a thrashing she will never forget. Hand spanking, wooden paddling and a severe twelve stroke caning leave Layla's luscious bottom well marked and sore for a week!

    Part One Over the Knee Hand Spanking: Tall, beautiful, smartly booted Snow, hand spanks lovely, lissome Layla over her lap. Leg lovers, feast your eyes on this stunning combo. And enjoy the classic scolding.

    Part Two Wooden Paddling: Layla, still in the tiniest of mini skirts, is bent over a table for a paddling with a heart shaped maple paddle that leaves her severely marked.

    Part Three Over the Knee Hand Spanking: More punishment is meted out to Snow's carefree charge when that young lady is made to account for missed lessons and reckless partying. Now clad in a super short red plaid skirt and skimpy white blouse, the leggy girl is once more hand spanked by her strict godmother.

    Part Four Severe Twelve Stroke Caning: A 12 of the best style caning is now administered to the hapless Layla. When Layla protests being made to take her discipline in the nude, Snow compromises and removes her own outer garments, revealing her magnificent body, ravishingly clad in a Victorian corset that enhances her small waist and even more greatly exaggerates her womanly curves. Then, to the idle girl's chagrin, twelve juicy cane strokes are sternly delivered to Layla's already well marked bottom. This was Layla's second spanking video ever and her first caning. She did admirably well, but is rocked to her foundations by each hard stroke. By the end of the caning she is a chastened and repentant girl. Glamazon Snow Mercy has never looked more divine.

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    Cast & Stars: Correct Her If She's Wrong

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